Warty Thin Mints and Burnination

Hello world!

Instead of trying to find a nice layout and modify it to my liking, I spent this evening attempting to make thin mints, cilantro pesto sauce & clam pasta.  The latter two turned out quite well (who knew mayo had any place in cilantro sauces? I certainly didn’t.) but the first… well, turned out warty and painful.

Warty Thin MintsWith about seven cookies to dip, I decided to nuke the chocolate a bit more to soften it, over did it, dipped a cookie, fished it out with my finger… And now have a blister on the tip of my index finger.  Burninated by home made thin mints.

Despite the warts (notice the lumpy uneven surface) and the thickness (thickmints?) I’m told they tasted good, but could do with a little more peppermint extract.

Recipe from Baking Bites.

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