Heavenly Hots

A stack of Heavenly Hots

I’ve been hearing about these pancakes from my parents since I was born (or as far back as I can remember, I guess) — soft, light, delicate sour cream pancakes that they discovered at some now defunct cafe in Berkeley. My mom had cut a recipe out of the newspaper at some point, but they were never able to get it quite right.

With a tub of left over sour cream and a hankering for pancakes, I remembered my parents’ pancakes and did a quick Google search, which turned up an article and a recipe.

I made the batter the night before (something I know my parents never did), used expired cake flour (they’ve been using all purpose, they have no idea what cake flour is) and whipped up a batch, one tablespoonful of batter at a time on my cast iron skillet.  I never had the original pancakes (I wasn’t born yet) but I have to think I got pretty close.  The pancakes were bite sized (that’s a full size dinner plate in the pictures) clouds of creamy, eggy batter barely held together and quick to dissolve in my mouth.

Whoops, I missed the plate!

The two people I fed both said they were the best pancakes ever — “These things are good. And I don’t like pancakes! Can I have more? I’m going to eat until I’m uncomfortably full!”

Notes for next time: I made .75 batches of batter, which fed three people comfortably. Also, cooking them on a cast iron skillet produces the pale, slightly mottled pancakes in the pictures above. A non stick skillet seems to produce a more even, darker brown. Lastly, a very light layer of vegetable shortening seemed to work best.

4 Responses to “Heavenly Hots”

  1. Josh Says:

    Even though you get a more even brown I still prefer pancakes on cast iron cooked in butter. They seem to develop a smidgen of crust and the butter adds a bit to the flavor.These look really tasty just the way they are! Gonna add this one to the arsenal.

  2. moosaur Says:

    I probably should have clarified — but i totally agree! All the pancakes in the pictures are from the cast iron skillet. The nonstick pictures were actually a little weird looking.

  3. Dana Says:

    I’ve never been one to turn down pancakes anyway but these look extra special!

  4. Nicole Says:

    Wow! I have a tried and true pancake recipe, but these look delish! I may just have to try sour cream in my pancakes. Is there really only 4 tablespoons of flour?!

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