Seattle; ft. flamingos & dinosaurs

Virgin America tickets were on sale a while back, so D and I booked tickets to Seattle without any real planning.  In the end, we spent our two day trip eating, eating, shopping and mostly eating.

Seattle was nice — we lucked out and were there while the sun was shining and the weather was nice (almost as nice as our weather here in sunny California!).  We only stayed for two days, since neither of us wanted to skip work… But for future reference, I’d stay a day or two longer.

It seems that the ‘big things’ in Seattle are coffee, Tom Douglas & chocolate.  I’m not a huge fan of the first, so all I can say is that we walked by the ‘first’ Starbucks. Woohoo! But Tom Douglas & chocolate, I’ve got quite a bit to say about both…

We arrived on Friday night, we checked in and sat around and talked (and plotted our next two days).

Saturday morning, we were up bright and early to meet J, one of our ‘local’ friends for breakfast at Hi-Life, a cutesy bar/breakfast joint in and old firehouse.  We had ‘fancy french toast’ — Vanilla custard dipped batard griddled & topped with espresso-mascarpone and sugared hazelnuts. Nom.

Next, J, D & I headed to Theo for their factory tour, which I’ll discuss in another post (otherwise this one will be huge). Lunch followed with E (D’s college roommate), D, J & myself — at Tutta Bella.

…I’ll finish this later. Things left: Dahlia, Lola. Cupcake Royale. Chocolate Tour, Pike Place, dinner!

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