Crocodile Soup (HK; day 1)

I’m in Hong Kong!

I arrived earlier today, just in time to have dinner with my aunt, uncles and grandmother.  Chinese food at Cuisine Cuisine in IFC.  Nothing fantastic, though there was crocodile soup. It tasted like pork and looked like a bowl of broth, so no pictures. Half of me thinks the restaurant is scamming us, but my grandmother says it tastes like pork no matter where you get it.

Dinner was followed by some shopping then a trip to Wellcome, the supermarket close to our hotel.  They’re open 24/7 and they’re stocked with all sorts of tasty things. The first thing I zoned in on was all the fruit — I bought jackfruit (I’ve been eating it out of a can for the last few months), a mango, macopa (known to the rest of the world as rose apple) & a pack of longquats.  I’ve only eaten the jackfruit so far, and it wasn’t very sweet or tasty — maybe my tongue is jaded by the sweetness of the canned version, or maybe this is what I get for buying pre-cut, shrink wrapped fruit.

I skipped over the rest of the supermarket to the snack section (my favorite part) where I acquired many mysterious things (and passed over many more) –Mobaccho, some matcha flavored snack (tasty little rabbit-poop sized pellets of something crunchy coated in a matcha flavored glaze. Surprisingly, not very sweet.), crunchy dried crabs in some sweetish bbq sauce (bland, imagine crunchy stuff with the sweetish chinese fruit beef jerky flavoring), chesnut chocolate (not yet eaten), egg white cookies (not yet eaten) and black currant jellies (not yet eaten).  Things I didn’t buy (but will get next time) included ‘premium’ Pringles (in an assortment of flavors, including Thai chili), salmon sashimi chips and red bean chocolate.  I’m going to be fat, broke & full of sugar soon… but happy.

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