Seattle Chocolate Tour

This is long overdue… But better late then never!

While D and I were in Seattle, we made it a point to take a chocolate tour, and after a bit of Googling, she decided on this one.  I don’t really want to write this post as a review — but it was fantastic, our guide was very friendly and the tour was interesting and very tasty.

Stop 1 – The Flatliner at Oliver’s. How better to start the morning than with chocolate, caffeine, alcohol and sugar?

Stop 2 – Coconut cream pie and chocolate crinkles at Dahlia Bakery.  We’d gone to Dahlia with  J for dinner the night before and we weren’t impressed… But the bakery was delicious!

Stop 3 – Carter’s enrobed brownie, chocolate bomb cupcake & chocolate + lemon gelato at The Chocolate Box. Everything was really good, though even in their small servings I was starting to have trouble finishing things. (Picture to the left)

Stop 4 – Cheesecake and drinking chocolate and The Confectional in Pike Place. The cheesecake was divine — light and fluffy but somehow rich at the same time. None of that dense out-of-the-freezer stuff most places serve.  Additionally, instead of a normal crust, it was chocolate wafers broken up to form an interesting layered crust. I’m going to try that one day

Stop 5 – Two kinds of popcorn at Kukuruza Gourmet Popcorn. It’s as interesting as it sounds. Really good popcorn though, none of the crunchy lumps that get stuck in your teeth — 100% fluffy popcorn. (They told us what kind of corn they use, but I don’t remember)

Stop 6 – Truffles at Fran’s Chocolates. Pure dark chocolate truffle, raspberry truffle, gray salt caramel truffle, milk chocolate smoked salt caramel truffle. I had to take these home, there was no way I could take four truffles at this point. I ate them a couple days later and while they were all fantastic, the gray salt and caramel truffle was my favorite.

Auuuugh. If I’m ever in Seattle again, I’m stopping by Dahlia Bakery and the Confectional.  Not to say that the others weren’t good, but I can only handle so much chocolate.

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