Frozen Yogurt

I made* frozen yogurt! It was tasty!

2 cups yogurt (European Strauss Family Creamery, low fat) + 1/4c sugar. Mix together, toss into ice cream maker (Kitchenaid stand mixer attachment in my case) and let it do it’s thing for 15 minutes. Eat with cacao nibs and sliced fruit.

I like my yogurt tart, so I didn’t add much sugar. I’m sure this varies from person to person, but I suspect most people would like more sugar than I included.

Next up is trying out different kinds of yogurt. Most of the recipes I’ve seen have involved Greek yogurt. I just used what I happened to have in the fridge.

*More like I froze the yogurt. I haven’t been courageous enough to make my own yogurt from scratch yet.

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