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Backyard gardening

Friday, July 30th, 2010

And I’ve neglected this blog… again.

Instead I’ve been busy turning my backyard into a little farm.  I’ve got seven tomato plants, a bunch of squash plants, strawberries, salad greens, Thai chilis, herbs, beans, peas, watermelons (still tiny sprouts, I’m getting suspicious) and shisho.  A few things are planted in the ground, most are in containers — including many recycled containers.

The tomato plants are getting pretty big — one of them is at least as tall as I am.  They’re also laden with green fruit, so we’ll see how long those take to mature (it’s been rather overcast lately, I can’t imagine that helps them). The strawberries are sending out runners and making baby strawberry plants like weeds. If they survive through winter to next spring/summer, I’ll have  a lot of strawberries.

I’m trying to hang beans instead of giving them something to climb on, and so far it seems to be working. I picked a first bunch of green beans last night — they were tasty.  One plant has gotten clever though — it’s growing up the string, so I’ll be rearranging that to hang down soon.